Mawat announces a 24 hours 24 music video premier

Breaking news: Award winning rapper Mawat is taking a bold step by announcing a ground breaking, record breaking release of 24 music videos in one day. The Mollo rapper aims to conduct a 24 hour music video marathon where he will drop a new music video at the top of every hour from 1am on Friday the 3rd of May till midnight (12 am) on Saturday the 4th of May 2019. 

The planned music video marathon will mark the official release of his second studio album Peer PressureFollowing the success of his 2018 single Mollo and a nationwide radio tour Mawat is finally ready to drop a full body of work.

Mawat releases yet another Music video: Bazolamba

Social media is buzzing over Mawat's new music video for the single Bazolamba. The one man video surprisingly features a Mini Cooper which Mawat is roumoured to be a brand ambassador of. Could this be a brand placement move? Nevertheless, this is quite an entertaining music video, enjoy. #PeerPressure #4thCampaign

New single: Mawat - Bazolamba

Yellow! It's the 4th of April and continuing with the #4thCampaign rapper Mawat gives us another new single.

Artist: Mawat
Song: Bazolamba
Stream Link: 

Enjoy! #4thCampaign #Bazolamba #PeerPressure

Music video alert: Mawat - God Bless You

Staying true to his promise to give us a music video every 4th of the month, Mawat gives us "God Bless You". This is one of the few music videos by the rapper where the colour yellow does not dominate. The beautiful visuals concentrate on the house, Mawat's robe and a props which include a cup of tea. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen this is "God Bless You" #4thCampaign                 

New music from Mawat's 4th campaign: God Bless You

Yellow! It's the 4th of March and continuing with the #4thCampaign rapper Mawat gives us a new single.

Artist: Mawat
Song: God Bless You
Stream Link:

Enjoy! #4thCampaign #GodBlessYou #PeerPressure

Mawat releases new video: Pressure

The jig is up. Visuals from Mawat's new music video "Pressure" have been released. The song premiered on Channel O today and Mawat's social media pages started buzzing. We are surely feeling the pressure, hope you are too. #4thCampaign #PeerPressure

New single: Mawat - Pressure

It's the 4th of February and in spirit of the #4thCampaign rapper Mawat has dropped a new single and visuals.

Artist: Mawat
Song: Pressure
Stream Link:

Enjoy! #4thCampaign #PeerPressure

Mawat drops new music video: Mollo

The ghetto soundtrack Mollo is Mawat’s latest single currently heard across all hoods in Mzansi, Swaziland and Botswana. The song title translated “Fire” boosts with a semi-kwaito backtrack with a hectic bassline and a hypnotic sing-along hook: “Mollo, Mollo, Ke batla Mollo” which is Mawat’s way of saying he needs more fire to fuel his purpose, passion and mission.

Mawat announces the 4th Campaign

Rapper Mawat has made a bold move announcing a consistent drop of new music as a build-up to his 2019 release Peer Pressure. Mawat aims to drop a new single on Joox and a respective music video on YouTube. Anticipated drops include the singles Pressure, God bless you, Bazolamba and Dial up God. We look forward to new music. #PeerPressure #4thCampaign

Mawat interview on Thobela FM

Don't miss this epic interview on Thobela FM as rapper Mawat discusses his latest single Mollo, his upcoming album Pressure and the launch of his own sim card range. #Mawat